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PR Firms – Learn from History

Rewind 15 years, when traditional ad agencies attempted to integrate digital services by creating “digital shops” housed under the traditional agency umbrella. Those of us in the space knew this was approach was destined to fall short, and that true integration would only occur when all sides had an equal seat at the table and worked toward accomplishing a unified goal.

Fast forward to today – Social media has quickly become the “digital service” of choice for todays PR firms. Most PR firms today are quickly scrambling to try and incorporate social into their overall capability by creating “shops” made up of “social/digital specialists”.

If history has taught us anything, integration its not about creating an offshoot capability/shop that can offer specialized services to clients, its about offering a seamless integration between marketing, advertising, PR etc so that earned, paid, and owned media call all work seamlessly. Its the ability to consistently leverage all elements in a campaign (or simply just a communication) to ensure that they all align – its this approach that will ultimately lead to success.