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To Geo or not to Geo?

There in lies the question. As mobile devices and geo-location services such as foursquare and gowalla swarm the scene, many folks are asking…what’s the point? The point is…regardless of whether your “check-in happy” or “don’t want to be found”, these services provide value. BUT like most social platforms – they are only as helpful as the people who use them, and the businesses who are willing to accept them as yet another venue to connect with consumers.

As Foursquare approaches nearly 1.0MM users, with significant growth coming from the last 6 months, I think its safe to assume, that consumers (in general) believe in the vision and the value being provided. Take it one step further, if professional content can be added to the value chain by way of partners such as Zaggat, Fandango etc, it will only strengthen the value proposition.

Your thoughts???