Always On…A good thing?

Remember the day when “Always On” meant you didn’t have to use dial-up to connect to the web? By today’s standards, “Always On” is amplified exponentially and carries an entirely new meaning. Within a matter of seconds, through a multitude of devices, we are connected to work, personal/professional conversations, social networks etc, regardless of where we are and what time of day it is. This begs the question: is this what we really want or are we doing it because we fear missing the latest “urgent email” trend/news?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being connected to everything going on at the office, participating in personal and professional conversation, staying abreast of the latest news etc, but I have to admit – I now find myself looking for opportunities to “Disconnect”.

With that I tried an experiment over the 4th of July weekend – could I remain disconnected for a few days? While I must admit, with the exception of 3 brief check-ins the first day (withdrawal people), I succeeded, and man was it wonderful. I actually stopped to smell the roses, admire children playing, enjoy company without interruption – It was splendid.

I found that after a few drinks and days full of activities, I quickly forgot about the connected world. Now that I’ve re-connected – I’m finding I didn’t miss much. So, even though we have the means to be “Always On”, do we really need the anxiety of feeling the need to always be connected? I know my answer.

Here’s to hoping everyone can find their own little time to experiment.

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