Does Social Media Help TV Viewership?

Regardless of whether your a Digital or Traditional marketer, this post isn’t about singling out a “preferred” medium, its simply about the convergence of behaviors.

While the DVR, Apple TV, Hulu, Boxee etc etc give us control over when and how we watch our favorite TV programs, I believe Social Media has altered consumer behaviors, and has actually allowed TV networks to once again feel good about “appointment television”. While I don’t have stats to back up this statement, my own behavioral experience absolutely supports this point of view (the power of one…prove me wrong).

While I watch very little network programming, there are a few “prime-time” shows I enjoy, and whenever I do tune in (at the time of airing), I feel like I’m in my virtual living room watching with my friends and family. With iPad in hand, I sit there watching TV, and then it starts – facebook friends light up the news feed, and the discussion begins… not only limited to the program, but the advertising as well.

We all know this behavior is abundantly apparent when watching live events such as Sports, Awards shows etc. but, is it enough for TV networks to once again make a case for appointment viewing? After all, appointment TV is still one of the most successful way to reach a mass audience at a specific point in time.

Welcome your thoughts.

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